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Effective vs red patches on feet and calves

Has helped to clear up some red, raised areas of unknown origin which I had for weeks. Granted, I make my own concoction, but this product is an integral component. First a carrier oil layer, then a tiny amount of unrefined pure Neem oil (mine is salve-like and I keep it in the fridge---Alaffia is the brand and it's smelly like garlic-peanut butter) and top these two layers with the SkinIntegra Crack Repair Cream. (Socks if using on feet). I don't know what got me but I'm guessing spider bite; my system over-reacted although no signs/symptoms of infection noted. Very impressed with the improvement in the affected areas.

A definite purchase!!

Soft feet, almost as soft as my hands!

Awesome cream

I’ve used lotions/creams containing urea for cracked and dry feet for over 10 years. However, this is the first cream I’ve found that is so emollient with nourishing and replenishing oils. I will ditch the other ones and only use this cream!

Actually works!

Works as described. Closed up deep cracks in hubby's feet.

So far great. Hope it doesn’t grow Back.


The ONLY thing that's worked on my heel cracks. They're now smooth! I rub whatever is left on my elbows and they're smooth too.

Great lotion!

I got this because one day I had horrible, painful cracks in my feet. This product helped right away!

Rapid Crack Repair Cream

Love it

I bought this for my wife her poor feet were cracked and sore after 2 day of using skinintegra repaid crack repair cream her feet are almost crack free I can not believe it also her feet don't hurt anymore love this product thanks 5 stars.

Very Impressed!

My husband gets super dry cracked hands and we've tried just about everything. After reading the reviews on this product I decided to give it a whirl. After ONE day he noticed amazing results. No greasy or oily feel and no odor. After a few days using this his hands look and feel almost brand new! If it keeps this up, we will be ordering more!

good products

work very well

Great Crack relief

This product will work if used on a steady basis.

It absolutely works. And is too expensive.

This cream will absolutely get the job done if you have cracked feet (or fingers, or whatever). It's magic! But I find the price ludicrous. I'm enjoying the benefits of this outstanding product, and to be honest I will buy another tube when I run out, but the price is completely off the rails. For this reason, I am giving it 4 stars even though it's truly a best in class offering.

Great lotion!

I’ve only used this product for a week and really feel like it is making my hands super soft! The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is that it makes my hands feel sticky for quite awhile.

A good product

I found improvement fast on my cracked knuckles.

Buy IT

This product is uncomparable! If you have tried other moisturizers you won’t be sorry....

Just Buy It Now

A Miracle Cream

Best repair for fissures yet!

I have been plagued with tiny skin fissures on the corner of my thumbs, on the pads of my thumbs, and sometimes on my pinkies. I have spent a fortune on creams and lotions including urea based creams and nothing has worked. Sometimes the cracks are so bad they bleed and the pain is unbearable. I have even tried the old farmers trick of straight up suet! So far this appears to be the most helpful lotion yet! I apply at least 3xs a day and wear gloves to bed, but so far I can actually use my thumbs. Hoping for the best through the winter.

Heel no longer cracked

Saw a big difference within weeks

Not enough product to do long term trial.

Product appeared to work alrite to soften the heels but before you know it, it's finished. Too over priced for the size. Need 2 or 3 for that price? Will buy again when reduce the price

Amazingly Effective

I’ve been using Skintegra for a few months and have found it to be amazingly effective in healing up dry skin cracks that normally would become prone to deeper cracking, splitting, and bleeding. It’s the only thing that seems to work, and I’ve tried many creams and ointments over the years. I highly recommend it.

This stuff WORKS!

Doesn’t smell very well but it works! I can see the result even after using just 3-4 days.

Love it

It help me a lot

Deja los pies suaves y sedosos en dos semanas me cuero mos pies

Es super tengo los pies sin grietas

It WORKS for real!!!

The product is the real thing. Used it for only 4 days twice a day and a noticeable difference. Will be purchasing again when need be.