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It does what it says

Great product with some pretty powerful ingredients. Only complaint is it’s greasy going on and hands stay tacky feeling until washed. I now only use it before bed.

Wonderful Product

I bought this product and was delighted to see how quickly the product worked on my skin just after 24 hours.
Wonderful product !!!
I will buy the 3 oz next time

This cream is perfect

I love this! I highly reccomend it. It fixed my cracked hands over night! Not kidding. I am so grateful for buying this because I couldn’t find a cure.

Miracle in a jar

My friend had the worst cracked heels I've ever seen. Her heels had actually split open and had deep fissures that turned black from dried blood. We wish we would have taken a before and after picture because her heels are as smooth as a babies now. I bought this for her in September 2019 and by December 2019 her skin is totally healed! I totally recommend this product, especially for diabetics that suffer from dry skin on their feet.

Worked great

Worked great on my feet!

Fast working!!!

Fast working product!!!

Soft as a babies bum

Love this cream 1st time application my heels were so soft. Going to use it religiously all winter. Sandle ready anytime.

It does what it claims.

I was skeptical but I've used this on my heels and my hands. My heels are much smoother after a few days of usage. My hands get very dry and scaly in the winter and they crack and bleed. I use this at night before bed and they are much improved by morning. It IS pricey but you only need to use a little and it goes a long way. I highly recommend.

Great for dry cracked skin

I've been using the cream on my dry cracked skin on my heels and on my fingers. The weather is very dry and my skin breaks down very fast. This cream works fast and will use all winter!

Cracked fingers and feet!

It burns on any open cracks but seems to be improving some? But using Cereve in between. It's only been a week and a half so I'm crossing the cracked fingers lol

Dear customer, thank you for sharing your experience. When applied to broken skin such as heel cracks or skin abrasions, Rapid Crack Repair Cream may cause a temporary stinging sensation which will resolve as soon as the cream begins to penetrate. Some customers have actually commented that Rapid Crack Repair Cream helped reduce the painfulness of their broken skin after applying a thin layer. All the best, SkinIntegra
It stings and burns

This stuff burns! It starts as a tingle but the progresses to a painful acid burn sensation. Could not use it.

Best I have used and I've used many

I have been fighting callused fingers that would then dry, crack and bleed for 2 years. Underlying cause unknown but suspected to be allergies. Fingers got so bad I couldn't type they hurt so much. Tried everything, various steroids, many visits to dermatologists, etc. Within 3 days, all cracks were healing and closed up. 2 weeks later, calluses are thinning and sloughing off. Wow, wish they made smaller tubes as I am male and need to carry it around in a pocket. Made my own up but buying would have been easier.

Effective vs red patches on feet and calves

Has helped to clear up some red, raised areas of unknown origin which I had for weeks. Granted, I make my own concoction, but this product is an integral component. First a carrier oil layer, then a tiny amount of unrefined pure Neem oil (mine is salve-like and I keep it in the fridge---Alaffia is the brand and it's smelly like garlic-peanut butter) and top these two layers with the SkinIntegra Crack Repair Cream. (Socks if using on feet). I don't know what got me but I'm guessing spider bite; my system over-reacted although no signs/symptoms of infection noted. Very impressed with the improvement in the affected areas.

A definite purchase!!

Soft feet, almost as soft as my hands!

Awesome cream

I’ve used lotions/creams containing urea for cracked and dry feet for over 10 years. However, this is the first cream I’ve found that is so emollient with nourishing and replenishing oils. I will ditch the other ones and only use this cream!

Actually works!

Works as described. Closed up deep cracks in hubby's feet.

So far great. Hope it doesn’t grow Back.


The ONLY thing that's worked on my heel cracks. They're now smooth! I rub whatever is left on my elbows and they're smooth too.

Great lotion!

I got this because one day I had horrible, painful cracks in my feet. This product helped right away!

Rapid Crack Repair Cream

Love it

I bought this for my wife her poor feet were cracked and sore after 2 day of using skinintegra repaid crack repair cream her feet are almost crack free I can not believe it also her feet don't hurt anymore love this product thanks 5 stars.

Very Impressed!

My husband gets super dry cracked hands and we've tried just about everything. After reading the reviews on this product I decided to give it a whirl. After ONE day he noticed amazing results. No greasy or oily feel and no odor. After a few days using this his hands look and feel almost brand new! If it keeps this up, we will be ordering more!

good products

work very well

Great Crack relief

This product will work if used on a steady basis.