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My wonderful feet

I don't have a before and after picture; I do want to say, however, that skinintegra is the absolute best cream I have ever used on my feet and I have tried them all! My feet are so moisterized and soft; before skinintegra, I had horribly dry feet that felt like sandpaper and I was embarrassed to wear sandals. I'm 63 and have tried everything for years and nothing worked until I began using your cream. I'm so proud of the way my feet look and how smooth they are and now look forward to sandal season:) Thank you for your product!

Best product I have ever used for cracked feet

I had the worse cracked feet I tried everything. I put this product on and I saw immediate changes within 4 days it was a complete change. My feet were so bad I could barely walk. This is an awesome product !!!

Works as Claimed !!

The cream did work as claimed. In fact my cracked heel pain got relieved within 4-5 hours of overnight application and heel cracks completely vanished in a day. Heels have been pretty smooth since then.


I used the product... it didnt help with the cold weather skin cracking and having psoriasis

Pretty good, but expensive

So for my husband this didn't work any better than the O'Keeffes green jar hand cream. I personally liked it better, it doesn't leave my hands as greasy and if you slather it on at night time and throw a pair of cotton gloves on or socks on your feet and sleep with them on, your hands and feet will feel awesome in the morning. It definitely does work but I'm not sure it's exactly worth what they are charging. If this was more like 12 or 15 dollars max I'd give it 5 stars but as expensive as it is I was expecting it to be more healing as far as cracked skin which was my husband's main complaint. It Def works to soften dry skin but we didn't notice a huge improvement with cracked skin. It can be very difficult to heal cracked skin in general so using this is a improvement and still better than using nothing. As far as the scent and the way it feels are all pros. It is a bit thinner in consistency than I was expecting but I didn't mind that.

Would not buy again...

I used this for cracked skin around my fingers. at first the cream seemed to provide relief and heal the areas around my fingers. now after about a week of use, the cream has made my skin worse, it's caused redness, burning, split open my skin more. horrible and so painful! hopefully, i can get my money back, $25.

Amazing! It works!

My husband had a crack on the bottom of his big toe that was concerning. It was better after a couple of weeks. We will always keep this product on hand.

Buy This Cream!

Ohmy! Finally a product that actually does what it claims!! I have suffered for years with painful, cracked thumbs and fingers! I've tried so many creams and lotions it's not funny, nothing worked.... Until now that is! It's true you can see a difference after just 1 day! And, it's odor free just like it says! Can't say enough good things about SKININTEGRA 😊

My husband's cracked and bleeding fingertips were saved!!

Amazing!! Totally worth every penny! My husband is a contractor and he hands and fingertips are always severely cracking and bleeding. This product, paired with cotton gloves is the key to ultimate healing. He applies to his hands and wears gloves at night. Silky once again. And it heals so well! Works for my psoriasis too!

It does what it says

Great product with some pretty powerful ingredients. Only complaint is it’s greasy going on and hands stay tacky feeling until washed. I now only use it before bed.

Best product around for cracked hands and feet.

I was at my wits end with my cracking hands and feet. It does what it says it will do. Just make sure it's rub in or it feels sticky.

stuff really works!

i have had cracking,sore fingers tips for as long as i could remember...and i have tried everything. this stuff really works. put it on and within 2 days skin is closed over and healing. i need to reapply it, but i am very, very happy with this product.

Highly effective skin treatment!

Excellent at supplying moisture and nutrients to cracked, dry skin. I have Sjogren's Syndrome which results in very dry skin. The 20% urea formula is not irritating; the urea component allows the other beneficial ingredients to effectively penetrate the skin.

Best Dry Skin Cream

The best product for dry skin. It has been amazing for dry feet, hands and elbows. This is the second tube of this cream purchased and won't use anything else for my winter skin.


Worked great on my cracked fingers and thumbs

Dry, cracked hands fixer!

I bought this for my dad who had dry, cracked and bleeding hands. Even after one use, he said it immediately started working. Even thought the tube is a little small for the price, it seemed to work better than anything else I bought for him. I tried it as well, and it was non-greasy and seemed to smooth out my hands. Based on the results, I think this is worth the price. I would definitely buy this item again.

Wonderful Product

I bought this product and was delighted to see how quickly the product worked on my skin just after 24 hours.
Wonderful product !!!
I will buy the 3 oz next time

This cream is perfect

I love this! I highly reccomend it. It fixed my cracked hands over night! Not kidding. I am so grateful for buying this because I couldn’t find a cure.

Miracle in a jar

My friend had the worst cracked heels I've ever seen. Her heels had actually split open and had deep fissures that turned black from dried blood. We wish we would have taken a before and after picture because her heels are as smooth as a babies now. I bought this for her in September 2019 and by December 2019 her skin is totally healed! I totally recommend this product, especially for diabetics that suffer from dry skin on their feet.

Worked great

Worked great on my feet!

Fast working!!!

Fast working product!!!

Soft as a babies bum

Love this cream 1st time application my heels were so soft. Going to use it religiously all winter. Sandle ready anytime.

It does what it claims.

I was skeptical but I've used this on my heels and my hands. My heels are much smoother after a few days of usage. My hands get very dry and scaly in the winter and they crack and bleed. I use this at night before bed and they are much improved by morning. It IS pricey but you only need to use a little and it goes a long way. I highly recommend.

Great for dry cracked skin

I've been using the cream on my dry cracked skin on my heels and on my fingers. The weather is very dry and my skin breaks down very fast. This cream works fast and will use all winter!