How it Works


SkinIntegra Rapid Crack Repair Cream is no ordinary lotion. Our scientists have pin-pointed the exact nutrients that compromised skin lacks and the critical pathways needed to deliver those nutrients to each layer of the skin.

Our profound skin bio-mimicking formula is developed to penetrate more intensively, nourish more thoroughly, and repair more rapidly than cheaper alternatives. After all, your skin deserves the best treatment there is. 




Many petrolatum-based body care products just sit on the surface of skin, acting as an occlusive coat or sealant that can rub or wash off easily.





Rapid Crack Repair Cream actually delivers precise doses of essential nutrients and moisturizers to exactly the right layers of skin. It absorbs deeply so it won't easily rub or wash off. 



Rapid Crack Repair Cream penetrates to create a naturally healthier skin environment so dry, cracked, damaged skin can heal faster -- without petrolatum or other potentially harmful ingredients. You’ll see visible results after just 1 day.