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Tube of Rapid Crack Repair Cream next to cracked heels and finger images before and after using the product

Mission-Driven Skincare with a Heart

At the heart of SkinIntegra is the personal story of our founder, Erika Tazberik, a chemist who has worked in the skin care industry for decades. Six weeks after her early retirement from Johnson & Johnson, her husband suddenly passed away due to diabetes complications. He suffered from severe pain from major diabetic foot symptoms. Encouraged by family and friends, she began an in-depth study of diabetic skin issues and developed a formula that provides compromised skin with the ingredients it needs to repair itself quickly.

Founder of SkinIntegra working in a research laboratory
List of key ingredients in the Rapid Crack Repair Patented formula for dry, cracked hands and feet

Patented Formula with Impressive Results on Dry, Cracked Skin

Rapid Crack Repair Cream is a patented formula developed to address all major deficiencies in very dry, cracked skin. To treat tough calluses, we combined two gold standard exfoliating ingredients: 25% urea and lactic acid, which help smooth and eliminate thick and hardened skin layers. To boost moisturization and accelerate repair, we included our proprietary Epi-Lipids®. These are powerful plant oils that provide the full range of nourishing, protective, and antibacterial benefits needed for fast healing. Our clinical testing shows that people with dry, cracked skin experience relief within a few hours. We were awarded a patent (#10786441) for the impressive improvement it produces when applied to cracked skin.

Clean and Healthy Skin Care Starts with SkinIntegra

We formulate with compromised skin in mind, so what we leave out of our product is as important as what we put into it. Rapid Crack Repair Cream is free of many potentially harmful ingredients identified as allergens by the medical community such as: fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates, petroleum based ingredients (mineral oil), lanolin, steroids. We made sure to test every ingredient in our formula for safety before starting production. We have conducted rigorous testing to ensure high quality results with no adverse reaction or signs of irritation. We manufacture Rapid Crack Repair Cream in an FDA-registered facility with stringent guidelines for sanitary conditions and quality control measures to ensure superior results and quality.

List of ingredients not included in the Rapid Crack Repair Cream formula