Rapid Crack Repair Cream

Multi-use repair cream for dry, rough,
irritated, and cracked skin.

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It works unlike any other cream.

"I have spent a fortune trying to find a cream that prevents painful skin cracks and SkinIntegra is the ONLY cream that works 100% of the time."

rapid crack repair cream

visibly improves cracked skin after 1 day

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A cream unlike any other...Customers agree!

 I have had cracked feet since I was a teenager and it’s so embarrassing and painful! Finally I have found the holy grail! This has been the only product that ACTUALLY heals the cracks and keeps them gone!!! I misplaced the bottle for a couple weeks, and the cracks still didn’t reappear! This stuff is worth every penny and you will not regret it!!! This is the only thing I will ever use!

Ava K.

This cream is amazing! Not even a $500 prescription helped my wife’s feet, but this did!

Richard A.

This product is amazing.  When I ordered this product about half the fingers on both hands were raw, cracked, and peeling. Over time we have tried everything.  ONE application of this cream and the results were astounding.  This WILL heal your hands/feet.

Liz T.

The cream is awesome.  A wonderful choice of ingredients and great performance. It is also great for dry skin for all over and at any part of the body.

Irvaz H.

I had the worst cracks on the bottom soles of my feet to the point that every step I took caused me uncomfortable pain. I applied this the first night before bed and the next morning when I got up I felt a noticeable difference in pain on the cracks of my feet!!! Two days later my feet no longer hurt from the cracks.  BUY THIS!!!

Sara J.

I never thought I would be able to make the bottoms of my feet soft, but then I discovered Skinintegra! I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry skin!

Tammy B.

Works Like No Other

  • Rapid Results
  • Bio-Mimicking Your Skin’s Lipids and Moisturizers
  • Absorbs without residue and greasy feel

Powerful Natural Ingredients

  • Natural Plant Oils
  • 25% Urea
  • Ingredients and Skin Work Together

100% Safe

layer by layer

Faster Repair

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rapid crack repair for compromised skin

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the only cream you need

try it. use it. love it.

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Our mission

Our mission is to help people suffering from dry, compromised  skin find the results they have been searching for with products that are uniquely formulated. Our products rapidly absorb into the skin, so we ethically source the finest raw ingredients nature has to offer to help restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.  Unlike other products, SkinIntegra replenishes what skin is missing and help with skin’s natural repair process.  You only get what your skin needs; no fragrance, no fillers, no parabens.  All of our products have been tested on all skin types for safety and efficacy. We never test on animals.