About Us

SkinIntegra is a first-aid, first-relief skincare brand recommended by physicians that offers patented formulas of creams and oils to improve a variety of difficult conditions. Cruelty-free and plant-based, we make our customers feel good about the products they are purchasing. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy healthier, more comfortable, and problem-free skin from day one.

Real Relief for Difficult Skin Conditions

Our first aid skin care solutions are free of common skin irritants and designed with compromised skin in mind. Thanks to our patented and lab-tested formula, SkinIntegra is able to bring you multi-functional solutions with antimicrobial benefits that are engineered for faster efficacy and are effective in treating a variety of difficult conditions. All our products are fragrance-free and have been tested by physicians before being made available to the public, so you trust us with your skin.

At SkinIntegra, we understand the challenges and sensitivities that come with skin issues. That's why we're focused on providing you with high-quality and hard-to-find solutions for your skin problems. Our products are made to be used by all types of skin, and we encourage you to use our first-aid skin care formulas as a part of your daily body care routine.

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Whether you want to repair your skin after an injury, soothe a sunburn, or just keep your skin looking and feeling great, we have the perfect Omega-rich skin care blend of ultra-nourishing oils and creams to help promote healthy skin from within. We're confident that you'll find the right solution for your skin at SkinIntegra, so browse through our selection of high-quality, plant-based products today.

We can't wait to help repair and treat your skin. Want to learn more? Contact us to ask a question or get more information.