I have tried several creams – they only moisturize the skin, but do not heal the cracks. I felt a significant relief after a few applications. Finally we have a cream, that not only provides the relief to the dry skin, but it actually heals it." – Rudy Javorka


"SkinIntegra Rapid Crack Repair Cream 
– this is the name of cream, which healed my father’s ulcer on his right leg after trying different kinds of other brands. Fantastic results!" Susan Bezak


"Being a diabetic I suffer a lot from dry and cracked heels, making it sometimes painful to walk. I tried so many products for dry skin and they did not work well. But applying SKININTEGRA I saw instant results. The next day I was able to walk without the pain. I'm so happy that my feet feel soft and healthy. This product is Magic! I highly recommend it to anyone who has dry skin." 
– Marta Bilanovic


"I love this product! I have used it on the cracked skin on my heels and after the first application, I have noticed a difference. No other cream that I have tried was as effective as this one. The texture is super smooth and it absorbs quickly which leaves the skin feeling refreshed and well hydrated. It only took a few days of application before the crack was completely healed. I highly recommend it." 
– Lucia Schwarczova-Veracruz