Repair your cracked heels and feet to live your life pain free

They are our most common interface with our surrounding environment.

We need strong, pliable and comfortable feet to maintain a stable foundation for our body.

Often if there is an area of pain or irritation in the foot, like cracked heels, calluses, dry skin patches on the toes, we will avoid putting pressure on that area, thereby throwing off our gait.

This can then cause new problems further up the chain: in the ankle, knee, hip or lower back.

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[...] your cream is so effective because it is absorbed so quickly leaving our hand soft. The results can be seen right away even after the first application. [...]

– Blanca C. ~ Providence Little company Torrance

[...] amazing cream, my heels are so smooth and its like a magic cream you can feel the difference in few minutes after application . [...]

– Ruth M. ~ Hospital Setting


Our formula is designed to efficiently absorb into the layers of the skin barrier to accelerate the repair process and heal the skin from within. It is entirely free of preservatives, steroids, fragrance and many other known skin irritants.

Clinically tested to help repair as soon as day 1.


We developed a formula rich in skin replenishing plant oils that provide the full spectrum of omega essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and proteins needed to help optimize skin recovery.

Powerful plant oils, Urea, Natural Moisturizing Factors, together to repair the skin layer by layer.

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We have had over 7,000 health care professionals and 15,000 consumers TRY our cream, USE our cream, and LOVE our cream.