A Nurse’s Hardworking Feet Take Special Care

You are working long days. Every step feels painful…you keep on walking, working, and standing—you have no choice.

Nursing is your livelihood and passion, but right now you are facing longer, more demanding days than ever before.

You need to take care of yourself so you can help others but finding the time and energy to do so is unfortunately a challenge.

Sometimes, it feels like you are walking barefoot on hot asphalt. You dream of walking barefoot on cool and massaging ocean sand and pampering yourself at a spa—or just sitting down to drink a cup of coffee!

At the end of a long and grueling shift, you take off your shoes and experience some relief. Yet, your feet ache, you notice a fine crack on your heel that stings, or maybe a new patch of dry skin or fine lines.

Now is the time to give your feet special care. After all, you depend on your feet to support you, literally, and keep your lower back, knees, and ankles healthy. To keep yourself going, you need to start your self-care from the ground up.

SkinIntegra can help and bring fast, long-lasting relief.

With SkinIntegra your feet will be softer, cracks will gradually heal, and your days at the hospital or office, wherever you care for your patients, will feel brighter…..

It all starts with taking care of your feet…here are some pampering ideas to help your feet, and you, feel better.

What you will need to care for your feet:

• Your tube of SkinIntegra’s Rapid Crack Repair Cream
• A small tub, or your bath or shower
• A small towel
• About 20 mins

1. Get your feet ready

Soaking your feet in water allows your skin to absorb moisture, softens your calluses, and more importantly, gives you time to relax.

The temperature of the water should be warm to lukewarm but not hot. Warmer isn’t necessarily better, so take it nice and easy and make the water a comfortable temperature.

10 minutes is be plenty of time to soak your feet and get them nice and relaxed. You are then ready for the next step.

2. Apply SkinIntegra’s Rapid Crack Repair Cream

Use a small towel and dry off your feet, but not completely. Leave a little moisture so that your feet feel damp but not wet – this will help the cream lock in that remaining moisture.

Take out your tube of Rapid Repair Cream and use a small amount on each foot – a little goes a long way! Use one pea-sized amount on your heel, another for the top and bottom of your foot , and a smaller one for in-between your toes.

Our cream combines powerful plant oil like Sacha Inchi from the Peruvian Amazon, Sea Buckthorn from the Himalaya's, Shea Butter, and 25% Urea to bring your skin all the omegas, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural moisturizers you will need to help repair your cracked skin. It has been clinically tested to show visible repair as soon as after day 1.

3. Massage your skin

Our cream is designed to rapidly absorb in the upper layers of your skin in minutes, so you won’t have to massage for a long time.

Take 1-5 minutes to gently massage your foot, allowing the cream to absorb well, focusing on the dry, cracked, or rough patches.

Massaging helps to revitalize your sore feet…so even after the cream is absorbed you can continue massaging if you desire

4. Wait a few minutes, and you’re on your way to smooth, soft skin

Once you have massaged your feet, wait a few minutes before walking to make sure you don’t slip. We recommend wearing socks to continue the moisture lock-in process.

If you are doing this at night, you might choose sleeping with your socks on, but it is not essential. If you are doing this during the day and plan on wearing sandals later, try to keep on your socks on for at least 10 minutes.

You can reapply our Rapid Crack Repair Cream twice daily and even the most severe cracks will improve in as little as 14 days. For most of our customers, visible results are seen after the first day and full repair after just three or four days.

Health Care professionals approved!

[...] your cream is so effective because it is absorbed so quickly leaving our hand soft. The results can be seen right away even after the first application. [...]

– Blanca C. ~ Providence Little company Torrance

[...] amazing cream, my heels are so smooth and its like a magic cream you can feel the difference in few minutes after application . [...]

– Ruth M. ~ Hospital Setting

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