How to Repair Your Fingers After Your Blood Glucose Measurements?

How to Repair Your Fingers After Your Blood Glucose Measurements?

Checking your blood glucose (BG) is almost ritualistic if you have diabetes...

You set-up your station with all the essential items to conduct a proper measurement - your meter, a strip or cartridge, the lancing device, a cotton ball, sometimes a chart to take notes, and a disposal area. You wash your hands, turn your meter on, poke, check your blood, clean your finger, and read your results – happy thoughts if they are good, a little less excited if they are too high or low. Then you clean up your station and go about your life.

Most diabetes patients go through this process anywhere from two to six or more times per day, depending on the type of diabetes and the current level of management of blood sugar. Fingers are the most frequent place to measure from as they are easy to work with for the pricking, the blood is easy to get to, and results are reliable - but what can we do about the damage that's left behind? Use a repair cream.

Skin damage – frequent during measurements

Skin damage is prevalent when it comes to regular BG management and it can be exacerbated by a number of factors arising from frequent measurements:

  • Dry skin from frequent hand washing
  • Cracked skin from lancet usage and size (depending on the toughness of the skin, patients might need to use larger lancets in order to pierce the skin)
  • Callous formation on sites frequently used for pricking (often on the fingers)
  • Scarring and loss of sensibility if the site is not changed frequently
  • Pain at the pricking site (worse when repeated multiple times per day)

Unfortunately, some or all of the above-mentioned issues can lead to a lower frequency of measurements and therefore less well-managed blood sugar levels.

SkinIntegra: a new step in your routine to help put an easy in your blood management process while providing speed repairing to your tendered skin.

Adding SkinIntegra’s Rapid Repair Cream into your BG measurement routine can help you repair the damaged skin you prick frequently, and help reduce the time needed between site usage. Simply apply a small amount (pea size) on your finger after your measurement routine is done.

What SkinIntegra brings is a fast-penetrating cream that is absorbed very quickly. It has no potential irritants like parabens, alcohol, fragrance, dye, phthalates, steroids, petrolatum. Thanks to the 25% Urea concentration, our cream will slough off any dry or dead skin (think callus, tough patches) and enable the damaged area to clear. The Epi-lipid technology replicates your lipid profile enables the product to penetrate to deliver speed repairing. Thanks to our ingredients, Skinintegra gives your skin the tools it lacks to complete the repair process.

A large tube for daily use and long-term peace of mind

Our 3-oz cream allows you to use SkinIntegra after every BG measurement (from 2 to 6+ times per day) for an average of four to six months. For $24.95, you can get hundreds of applications, all while helping to help reduce the painful sensation in your fingers and the time between reuse of sites for your BG measurement.

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